Course Duration:
  30 hours
Mode of Study:
  Blended Learning
  Upon successful completion of this modular course, the student will receive an e-certificate from the London School of Business and Finance in Singapore.
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This module aims to focus on fundamental computer architecture, network fundamentals, protocols, and models. This module introduces the categories of the network functions, evaluates, and justifies networks, and device performance using the OSI model and the most widely used TCP/IP protocol suite.

Upon successful completion of this modular course, learners can choose a career to become a Senior Security Engineer/Security Engineer, Associate Security Analyst, Software Engineer, Sys Ops Engineer, Security Architect, CISO, anyone involved in Security and Network Security and Operations. This modular course transfers the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to Security Architecture and controls.

  • Introduction to Computer systems
  • Central Processing Unit- Processor Architecture
  • Memory management techniques
  • Input/output and stable storage
  • Fundamentals of Networking and Network Protocols
  • Network access Physical Layer Transmission Media
  • Data Link and MAC layer
  • Network and Transport Layer
  • Application Layer and Subnetting IP networks

Anyone interested in networks, computer systems are encouraged to attend this course. Technical knowledge and skills are needed to launch a career in this exciting field. Individuals keen on learning about the concepts and theories behind networking, and enthusiastic to master their practical skills in areas like programming, routing, and security will find this course very interesting.

  • Describe the function and use of computer systems components and networks including hardware, software, and protocols.
  • Explain the importance of the TCP/IP and OSI models.
  • Compare the functions of similar hardware components and devices.
  • Analyse the characteristics of different types of physical transmission media.
  • Analyse various international standards defined for interfacing a device to the different transmission media.


  • Timothy F. Gearty

    Timothy F. Gearty

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Technology: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybercrime

  • Dr. Preethi Kesavan

    Dr. Preethi Kesavan


  • Ann Dzuranin

    Ann Dzuranin

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Performing and interpreting data analytics

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