Course Duration:
  36 hours
Mode of Study:
  Blended Learning
  Upon successful completion of the module and meeting the assessment requirements, student will receive the e-Certificate by London School of Business and Finance.
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This course intends to bridge the gap between learners' conceptual knowledge, professional skills, and practical capabilities in assisting in technical cloud infrastructure performance analysis to identify problems and risks, and in making improvement recommendations and supports cloud implementation of preventive solutions. Duration: 36 hours + 3 hours of Assessment.

  • Evaluate Cloud Computing Architecture: Evaluate the categories of cloud services, business benefits, and the concepts of Scalability.
  • Explain various Technical benefits. Assess the Cloud sign-up process. Compare various Global Infrastructure platforms and review the concepts of Pricing and Free Tier. 
  • Analyse Cloud Computing Capabilities: Justify how to create, manage, and secure virtual machines. Analyse, create, and manage virtual machines and environments.
  • Evaluate configuration of virtual machines to a web server. Evaluate configuration of the application server in virtual machines. Analyse, create and manage serverless applications.
  • Evaluate Cloud Database Capabilities: Evaluate how to create, manage, and secure relational SQL databases. Select, create, manage, and secure no SQL databases. Evaluate, create a database connection to applications on web servers.
  • Analyse Cloud Implementation Capabilities: Analyse how to create, manage, and secure buckets in storage units. Determine the use of general file storage, including mounting storage buckets to the operating system.
  • Develop costing and recommendation for various cloud solutions: Select, create, and manage alarms. Select, create, and manage topics in messaging services. Assess adding users to topics with subscriptions. Evaluate how to send alarm notifications using email to all subscribers. Assess how to send alarm notifications using SMS to all subscribers

This course is ideal for those who will be able to implement cloud solutions to enhance business performance and the security of IT systems.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

1) Evaluate the cloud infrastructure architecture concepts and organisational requirements and business needs for cloud solutions.

2) Analyse the computing capabilities to the organization’s infrastructure requirements.

3) Evaluate cloud database solutions and their relevance to meet organizational requirements.

4) Analyse the implementation capabilities of cloud storage specifications for meeting organizational requirements.

5) Review the domain name services, cloud computing migration protocols and strategies, technologies, and performance of cloud solutions.

6) Evaluate industry standards and protocols, security methods, benefits and challenges of using cloud solutions.

7) Develop costing using cost-benefit analysis technique and draft recommendations for various cloud solutions.


  • Timothy F. Gearty

    Timothy F. Gearty

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Technology: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybercrime

  • Dr. Preethi Kesavan

    Dr. Preethi Kesavan


  • Ann Dzuranin

    Ann Dzuranin

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Performing and interpreting data analytics

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