Course Duration:
  30 hours
Mode of Study:
  Online Learning
  Upon successful completion of this modular course, the student will receive an e-certificate from the London School of Business and Finance in Singapore.
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The Application Development course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills in creating simple apps to be deployed. Students will learn how to design the interface for their apps and store and manipulate data, have logic sequences, and make decisions (logic) as well as mobile features. Students will also learn how to automate processes in application logic. Learners will be able to familiarize themselves with creating apps, create and design UI and layout, analyse the Logics in-app, use techniques for storing information and data, use appropriate methods of decision-making in apps by applying the steps for automation in apps deployment. Furthermore, learners will be able to plan the application development process, program applications, and secure features, applying suitable debugging techniques to resolve complex errors.

Upon successful completion of this modular course, learners can choose a career to become an Associate Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Security Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Software Architect, SysOps Engineer, Software Engineering Manager. This modular course transfers the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to software and application development.

  • Create project plans to manage application development
  • Determine programming languages and testing techniques for the application development
  • Design UI-driven Logic to develop applications
  • Assess testing, debugging techniques and evaluate test results for applications
  • Resolve functional, performance, and security threat impact on software applications
  • Plan steps to include mobile-specific features adopting guidelines
  • Plan to bundle application automation and integrate secured features for application code
  • Setup infrastructure for application deployment across multiple infrastructures
  • Individuals who are interested in Python and analytics
  • Managers across domains and industries, including finance, marine, marketing, healthcare, professional doctors, engineers, and accountants
  • Business or financial analysts, software and/or systems engineers
  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and/or individuals seeking career upgrade
  • Create project plans to manage application development using appropriate life cycle frameworks and processes.
  • Determine programming languages, testing techniques, and security requirements.
  • Design UI-driven Logic using security stand-ards, application development review using a myriad of tools, codes, and design templates.
  • Assess testing and debugging techniques by assessing the results.
  • Resolve functional, performance security threats, decision making, reconfiguration, and integration of applications.
  • Plan steps to include steps to improve UI, UX, and security of the software and applications.
  • Plan to bundle application security enhancement features, deployment, and use of application code
  • Set up infrastructure for application deployment through virtual machines, containerisation across various setups.


  • Timothy F. Gearty

    Timothy F. Gearty

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Technology: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybercrime

  • Dr. Preethi Kesavan

    Dr. Preethi Kesavan


  • Ann Dzuranin

    Ann Dzuranin

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Performing and interpreting data analytics

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