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Upon completion of the Assurance Module, candidates will be able to analyse, exercise judgment, evaluate, and conclude on the assurance engagement and other audit and assurance issues in the context of best practice and current developments in Singapore and internationally. The Module addresses a wide variety of issues that a Chartered Accountant of Singapore may encounter. It develops the Candidates’ understanding of professional and ethical considerations as well as ensures they have a broad understanding of the regulatory environment in Singapore. The Module covers procedures in practice management, including quality control and the acceptance and retention of professional engagements; the audit of financial statements including planning, managing, evidence, and review, as well as other assignments and reporting.

The Assurance Module for Singapore CA gives students the ability to analyse, exercise judgement, evaluate and give a sound conclusion on assurance engagement and other important assurance matters based on the context of the best practice and latest developments in Singapore and various parts of the world.

This module gives students an understanding of the procedures that are carried out in practice management which encompasses quality control as well as the acceptance and retention of professional engagements.

Students also gain an understanding in the audit of financial statements which covers planning, managing, evidence and review, as well as other assignments and reporting.

This module gives students a strong understanding of the related key topic areas of the syllabus with practical examples and the writing techniques for maximising examination marks.

Students also gain familiarity with appropriate professional terms and applied form of answering examination questions.

The Assurance Module for Singapore CA is ideal for those who are intending to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and professional values that a qualified Chartered Accountant of Singapore needs to possess. 

It prepares students to be trusted advisors of their company such that they play a crucial role to its success. This is done so by developing them with multi-disciplinary skill sets and a global mindset which help propel them to a higher role in an organization.

Upon completing the Assurance Module, candidates will gain an understanding of all significant auditing rules that are contained within each Singapore Auditing Standard as stated below:

1) Legal and Professional Framework

  • Regulatory frameworks for audit and assurance services
  • Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Laws and regulations

2) Considerations for the Professional Accountant

  • Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
  • Fraud and error
  • Professional liability
  • Communication

3) Practice Management

  • Quality control
  • Advertising, publicity, obtaining professional work and fees
  • Appointment and reappointment of auditors

4) Performing the Audit

  • Planning, materiality and assessing the risk of misstatement
  • Evidence
  • Evaluation and review
  • Group audits

5) Other Assignments

  • Review engagements and audit-related services
  • Assurance services other than statutory audit
  • Prospective financial information (PFI)
  • Internal audit
  • Outsourcing

6) Reporting

  • Auditor's reports
  • Reports to those charged with governance and management
  • Other reports

7) Current Issues and Developments

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Social and environmental auditing
  • Other current issues


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