Course Duration:
  25 hours
Mode of Study:
  Live Broadcast
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Upon completion of the Business Value, Governance and Risk module, candidates will be able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the basis upon which corporate value is created, maintained sustainably (e.g. sound investment decisions), and protected (e.g. by avoidance of excessive concentration of power and lack of scrutiny of management). Candidates will be able to assess how governance arrangements may prevent long-term dysfunctional behaviour. The module addresses risk management as a key factor in governance and strategy. It develops skills from previous studies in asset valuation in the context of wider considerations of capital investment appraisal, including strategic investment decisions, taking into account underlying financial risk management concepts for effective and responsible decision making.

Lecturer Profile - Irwin Luo

Irwin spent 5 years with the largest SCAQ Learning Organisation as its BG lecturer, surpassing the national pass-rates and garnering stellar student reviews. At his peak of success, he decided to strike out as an independent, scratching the itch to have full creative freedom in crafting his course. 

Irwin has 12 years of lecturing experience, ranging from post-graduate degrees to professional qualification programs. He contributes to the accountancy community by serving as an SCAQ Exam Marker (Professional Programme) and when called upon, an Academic Reviewer for the BG syllabus. 

Irwin is a Chartered Accountant Singapore, having first-hand valuation experience in fundraising for start-ups and evaluating firms at Keppel Corp. He has a Master's in Applied Finance from Singapore Management University, graduating as Top Student and Valedictorian

More than 500 candidates have succeeded with Irwin for the Business Value, Governance & Risk (SCAQ) exams.

This course provides “back-to-basics” refresher videos, reminding candidates of the fundamental concepts and showing how they are tested in the actual exams. The toughest parts of the syllabus will be dissected in the “live” online classes, which are also recorded for later viewing. 

An exclusive podcast that dissects the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance helps candidates to learn this vital syllabus on-the-go, in 2 minutes breakdowns.

To cap off this valuable offering, two Mock Exams will be tailored as per the latest Examiner’s Guidance, giving candidates a realistic approximation of the upcoming exams. At the end of the journey, candidates will gain first-hand appreciation why this course is so highly reviewed by successful peers! 

Please take note of the timings for the upcoming workshop with Irwin Luo:

Workshop 1 (Valuation) - 7th Oct (Saturday), 9am - 12pm (Exam Papers: June 2019 Q3)

Workshop 2 (Valuation) - 14th Oct (Saturday), 9am - 12pm (Exam Papers: June 2019 Q4, June 2016 Q3 & Q4)

Workshop 3 (Valuation) - 21st Oct (Saturday), 7pm - 10pm (Exam Papers: Dec 2016 Q3 & Q4

Workshop 4 (Valuation) - 26th Oct (Thursday), 7pm - 10pm (Exam Papers: Dec 2015 Q1, Dec 2018 Q4)

Workshop 5 (Corporate Governance) - 28th Oct (Saturday), 7pm - 10pm (Exam Papers: Dec 2016 Q1 & Q2, June 2022 Q3 & Q4)

Workshop 6 (Valuation) - 4th Nov (Saturday), 7pm - 10pm (Exam Papers: June 2018 Q3B, June 2022 Q2)

Workshop 7 (Corporate Governance) - 9th Nov (Thursday), 7pm - 10pm (Exam Papers: June 2016 Q1 & Q2, June 2017 Q1 & Q2)

Mock Exam 1 - 18th Nov (Saturday), Flexible

Workshop 8 (Examiner Guidance + Review Mock 1) - 23rd Nov (Thursday), 8pm - 10pm

Mock Exam 2 - 25th Nov (Saturday), Flexible

Workshop 9 (Review Mock 2 + Exam Consultation), 30th Nov (Thursday), 8pm - 10pm


The Business Valuation, Governance and Risk Module for Singapore CA is suitable to all who are looking to gain the required skill sets to be a qualified Chartered Accountant of Singapore.

This Module gives students a much needed preparation to help them steer the organization to success.

Upon completing the Business Valuation, Governance and Risk Module, candidates will gain an insight into the role of investment, governance, internal control and risk management on business value creation and business sustainability through the 4 main categories stated below:

1) Enhancing Business Value

  • Increasing business value through organic growth and acquisitions
  • Sustaining business value through sound corporate governance

2) Investment Appraisal

  • Business valuation techniques
  • Impact of financing on investment decisions
  • International investment and financing decisions
  • Mergers and acquisitions versus other growth strategies

3) Governance and Responsibility

  • The Board of Directors
  • Scope of corporate governance
  • Board committees
  • Directors' performance evaluation and remuneration
  • Identifying and assessing risk
  • Targeting and monitoring of risk
  • Categories of risk
  • Assessment and measurement of risk
  • Risk management and modelling

4) Internal Control and Review

  • Management information in internal control
  • Management control systems in corporate governance
  • Internal control and audit in corporate governance
  • Emerging trends and current issues


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