Course Duration:
  8 months
Mode of Study:
  Live Broadcast
  Upon successful completion of the module and meeting the assessment requirements, student will receive the e-Certificate by London School of Business and Finance.
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This course intends to bridge the gap between learners' conceptual knowledge, professional skills, and practical capabilities in assisting in technical cloud infrastructure performance analysis to identify problems and risks, and in making improvement recommendations and supports cloud implementation of preventive solutions. Duration: 36 hours + 3 hours of Assessment.

Statistical Analysis: This module will get students familiar with basic statistical concepts and applications for collection, analysis and interpretation of data for decision-making using data. Data Analytics: This module is to prepare students for data preparation and ETL data from different sources and combine them into a single dataset. Students perform more machine learning concepts and algorithms and apply them for text mining and image analytics.  Machine Learning: This module will get the student familiar with concepts of machine learning and data mining for predictive analytics. Students learn what are the algorithms available, what they do, and how to choose the best one and apply it to their data.

Cloud Computing: This module is to prepare students for performing tasks in the cloud. Students are introduced to the concepts of cloud computing such as databases & storage, creating virtual servers, and security.

Internet of things: This module will get the student familiar with concepts of IoT data for analysis. Students learn how to extract IOT data and store it in a cloud server. App Development: This module is to prepare students for creating simple apps to be deployed. Students will learn how to design the interface for their apps and store and manipulate data, have logic sequences, and making decision (logic) as well as mobile features. Students will also learn how to automate processes in-app logic. Project Management: This module will get the student familiar with concepts of project management following closely the PMBOK syllabus. Students will grasp the concepts of project management and will benefit greatly in their business & IT undertaking.  Data Visualisation: This module will get the student familiar with state-of-the-art visualization capabilities. Students will use BI software to visualize data for insights and analysis.

This course is designed for students who are seeking to work in the business analytics industry or in occupations where big data management will be of utility.

Graduates of the Diploma in Data Analytics should be able to provide pivotal support to various departments within an organisation across all industries. In particular, their practical knowledge of the big data management and its application in the business environment will make Graduates of the Diploma in Data Analytics valuable members of any organisation.


  • Timothy F. Gearty

    Timothy F. Gearty

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Technology: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybercrime

  • Dr. Preethi Kesavan

    Dr. Preethi Kesavan


  • Ann Dzuranin

    Ann Dzuranin

    Faculty for Becker Programme: Performing and interpreting data analytics

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